Plastic detox brand

Join L.A.V. PLANET in our quest for a plastic-free world! We offer high-quality, reusable bags and other essentials for a Zero Waste lifestyle. Make small changes for a big impact. Shop with us and contribute to a healthier planet today!

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Our LAV BAG is about love. About love for the planet, of... 

  • Our mission

    At the core of our mission lies a deep concern for the wellbeing of our planet. In an age where single-use plastic is suffocating the Earth, we are committed to playing our part in reducing plastic consumption. Our aim extends beyond mere reduction; it's about cultivating a broader shift in perspective, one that embraces the zero-waste philosophy as a way of life.

    We are passionate about showing the world that reusable alternatives can be more than just practical solutions; they can be statements of style and fashion. Our mission is to inspire and educate individuals and communities to choose reusable, eco-friendly options, not only for their utility but also as a reflection of their commitment to a sustainable, beautiful planet. We believe that through this collective effort, we can pave the way towards a cleaner, greener future.

  • Brand history

    Our journey began as a thriving Ukrainian brand, marked by rapid growth and promise. However, our trajectory was abruptly altered when Russia launched an attack on our homeland, disrupting our ability to work and live in the place we held dear.

    Determined not to be daunted by adversity, we chose a path of resilience. We embarked on a new chapter, one where we sought to rebuild not only our brand but also our lives in the welcoming embrace of Canada. The challenges we faced only fueled our determination to carry forward our vision and mission, and our journey in this new setting reflects the strength of the human spirit and the unyielding pursuit of our dreams.

  • Animals Support

    At L.A.V. Planet, our commitment extends beyond promoting a Zero Waste lifestyle. It encompasses a deep concern for our planet and the creatures who share it with us. This is why we have pledged to contribute 3% of our sales to the UAnimals organization, an initiative dedicated to alleviating the suffering of animals affected by the conflict in Ukraine.